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How Namaha Transforms The Hindu Community

Namaha is transforming how devotees engage with Hindu temples and rituals by enriching every interaction. In addition to physically visiting a temple, you now have an additional way to participate in rites and rituals at your convenience, from your home. From discovering more about your faith to dedicating more time to your religious practice, you can connect spiritually anytime, anywhere. All you need is Namaha.

Participate In Prayers And Rituals At Your Convenience

Unable to visit your temple for religious ceremonies? From puja rituals to joining in a prayer session, you can participate remotely through videos and live streams so you do not miss out. You can even book your prayers before your visit to the temple.

Book And Reserve Facilities Online

Interested in reserving a facility in your temple? You can book and pay for the reservation online, instead of taking time out of your schedule to make a trip to the temple.

Virtual Visits To Temples

Are you curious about the temple of your interest as a new follower, or perhaps you are looking for a new temple for worship? Go on virtual tours to discover more.

The Namaha.life Vision!
No, It's absolutely free for devotees to join Namaha
Just fill in the details in the form by clicking this link and enjoy the experience
Yes, we intend to provide access to many pooja options at our Singapore Temples. At present you can book poojas with AVGMT, and we are working with few other temples to bring this feature for you
If we are missing your specific pooja, we apologize for that. Please select the Any Other Pooja options available and book any of your choice. Please send us the details of the specific pooja you are looking for on contact@namaha.life We will reach out to you for details around your puja and make sure it is reflected on Namaha in future. As our holy Gurus have always said "Aim of our lives is to keep learning continuously and get rid of ignorance by improving upon the knowledge".
Namaha is an initiative to provide digital and social media capabilities to link the devotees with the temples and provide booking service for the temples that have been signed up. The intention is to treat every booking as they were booked physically in the temples. Depending on the Pooja, you will be able to visit the temple physically, or view them via live cast via the temple's choice of social media. Temples are also able to host the recordings in Namaha.
You can contact us via the chat button at the right corner of the screen our support team will provide you assistance, or email us on contact@namaha.life
The cancel policies are defined by Temple based on the type of pooja we any pooja once you paid as the cancellation policy is governed by individual temples. If any issues, please contact us via email at contact@namaha.life
Cancellation and refund of pooja bookings are governed by each temple’s cancellation policies
Yes - You will require a mobile number to complete registration. However, you can use namaha on both desktop and mobile
Follow this link and search with the Temple name you are looking for. You will find the temple from the list which will show you all the detailed information with respect to temple events, festivals and any special poojas at the temple and all other regular poojas which are conducted.
The intention of Namaha platform is to serve the Hindu community. However, we are intending to expand a similar system for other faiths as well.
You can email us on contact@namaha.life or visit book.namaha.life/temples and by going into the temple detail page send a claim request we will get back to you and verify the details and then get you onboarded.
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